The Amsterdam Music Lab connects music science to the outside world with innovative designs for online experiments, audio processing, and psychometrics for understanding the diversity of the human musical experience. We are active in music cognition and artificial intelligence research and work with a team of professors, postdocs, PhD students, and master’s students to develop new experiments for scientific understanding and for improving data analytics within the music industry.

We are the online lab of the Music Cognition Group (MCG), hosting several of the group’s listening games, experiments, and other public projects. Our technology also powers the Toontje Hoger project, which demonstrates some of our favourite scientific findings for a Dutch-speaking public.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch. We are eager to help other research groups who are interested in using our tools for their own experiments and industrial partners who are looking to for more than traditional focus groups and audio analytics can provide.


Music Cognition Group
Toontje Hoger