Can the music we love reveal more than just a tune?

Can the music we love reveal more than just a tune?

Xuan Huang

Have you ever wondered why certain songs make it into your playlist? Is it because you’re drawn to music from a specific culture, or do you resonate with certain global pop melodies, or is it simply a preference for a particular style of music?

Our research delves beyond just “I like this song” to explore the factors influencing the musical preferences of listeners in China. The music heard by Chinese audiences is diverse and rich, ranging from the melodious strings of the guqin to the dynamic beats of contemporary pop. We’re curious: do Beethoven fans also appreciate the Peking Opera? Do enthusiasts of Chinese pop also enjoy Chinese rap? The responses of listeners to musical stimuli can help us construct a hierarchy of musical preferences and uncover the types of music preferred by Chinese listeners.

In this experiment, you will listen to fragments of music from various genres, and your task is to tell us about your preferences and familiarity. This process is not only a journey of musical exploration but also an opportunity for self-discovery.

Embark on a journey to explore your musical preferences now! Invite your friends and family to join this fascinating exploration of musical tastes. Remember, each person’s choices are unique and valuable data in our research.

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